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-VENUS [マイナスヴィナス] ☆
19 February 1988

I'm a 22 years old language student, aiming to be a highclass translator sometimes in the future.

Meanwhile, I spend my time writing, videogaming, reading, going to concerts, listening to music and traveling. I'm also into icon-making/gfx-ing and run a community with my lovely fiancée, here: shokei_inc

I use PaintShopPro 7 and I mainly do JRock, AniManga & Disney.
Resources: 365 PHOTO GALLERY, insteadofwords, KaputtGeliebt, bambinainnero, bubbles001, coveredfaces, erniemay, _iconographer, lore_85, moshesque, mynameisaddict, nathalie_pop, ruthenia_alba, sarkasmuz, soaked, sparklpocalypse, sparklingeye, spooky_window, tove91, chic_lipstick, expose42, midsummer_wind, mutsie_brushes, ownthesunshine & cooloring.


My favourite band is GLAY, followed by アンチックカフェ-珈琲店-, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, 彩冷える, バビロン, Beat Crusaders, BOφWY, B'z, Die Ärzte, Doping Panda, ELLEGARDEN, GLAY, heidi., L'Arc~en~Ciel, LiZ, メトロノム, Mix Speaker's, Inc., ORANGE RANGE and The Ark.


I also enjoy watching Anime & Dorama, just have a look at my interests to see what I like XD


My journal is in German and English mainly, but I also do speak French. Add me if you think we have something in common :3



& ♥ I married sho_king at marry_a_ljuser ♥ on 30/03

by ice_cubed

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